Leslie Inman uses photography to speak to us and to share her observations about the world. She tells stories we know, sometimes suggesting alternative realities for us to examine and experience. She slyly employs scale, illusion, and props to engage our imaginations and draw us into her constructed scenes.

Leslie grew up in Rochester, New York, as the daughter of a career Kodak employee. Not bitten then by the photography bug, she pursued a career in business and earned an MBA degree, with Honors, from Boston University.

After a corporate career in sales and marketing, interspersed with a stint in real estate sales and a sabbatical living on her sailboat in Central America, Leslie met and married her husband and they retired to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. His gift of a camera launched her interest in making images.

Passionate about learning, Leslie sought out photography courses and devoured numerous workshops at Maine Media Workshops and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. What she began to understand was that her MBA degree and her corporate career had taught her to suppress her creativity. And she began to see that she had things to say with her camera.

Rather than relegate photography to a retirement hobby, Leslie became committed to exploring and expressing her creativity. She enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Photography program at Maine Media College in Rockport, Maine and completed the year-long residency program in 2012.  She is now pursuing a career as an exhibiting artist.

Leslie’s most recent project, “Portals”, uses perception, illusion and optical devices to create altered worlds within the familiar landscape. We see what the trees, rocks and grass see, and the images are entryways into new realities.